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The Eco-6 - African Diaspora Stimulus Package
Join the many African Decent individuals who are already receiving $100 US per month stimulus.  It is time to stamp out debt in our community, increase lives, help each other and promote our businesses.

The decision to promote LUMI as a global African currency was first publicly announced to the world by H.R.H. Chief Timothy Elisha McPherson during the 2018 Intra-African Trade Fair in Cairo, Egypt, which was promoted by the African Export-Import Bank and the African Union. 


  • The LUMI. It to maintain the strength and integrity of Africa's Global Currency - The Lumi

  • To limit the negative inflationary impact that FIAT currencies have within the global African economy.


The Lumi is underwritten by 100kWh of solar energy and pegged against 4 grains of gold (0.2592)

Lumi Short Note

The Stimulus Package

To register for the stimulus package which is available to every African decent, which is the equivalent of $100 per month until 2023 please click this link and use this referral ID 2322677924734280 to sign up and start receiving your stimulus.  The is no referral stimulus, the referral link is just to ensure that someone within the Diaspora is inviting another African descent.  You will need to provide a form of ID and take a picture of yourself and submit for it to be accepted.  Each stimulus package is released on the 28th of each month. 

To be able to use the stimulus, please watch the videos provided.

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